Our Teachers

Ms Zoe Xu

Founder and Headteacher of Real Chinese Academy. A computing graduate from a military institute, she taught in an army institute and later worked as a senior executive in a state-owned enterprise. After settling down in England, she has devoted her energy to the comparative research of Chinese and British education, and published several books on British education, family education and comparative cultural studies. Since 2006 she has developed the principle of quality-first in bilingual education, led the teaching staff to outstanding achievements in Chinese language teaching, art, and public speaking, and won parents’ trust and pupils’ love.

Ms Pingping

Deputy Head teacher. She holds a bachelor degree from East China Normal University and a master degree in web design from University of Greenwich. Ms.Pingping has experiences in teaching pre-school Chinese classes and special interest classes. With her expertise in pedagogy, psychology, science and management, Ms.Pingping is good at integrating Chinese culture into language teaching activities. In addition, she is proficient in HTML+CSS and various computer software and educational application software, which enables her to design various interesting multimedia teaching materials. Ms.Pingping has made the best of her pre-school teaching experience and developed her unique style of mixing teaching with joy. She is very good at spotting pupils’ potential, cultivating interests in studying, and encouraging students to take initiative in their learning. She is popular among pupils for her warmth and enthusiastic personality.

Ms Mo Wei

Ms Mo Wei is in charge of classes for native speakers. She has worked in HR department for decades after gaining her statistics degree from Renmin University of China. From 1995 she was helping in British primary schools as a volunteer before joining Real Chinese Academy in 2013. She then designed and launched classes for students from Chinese native speaker families, and she is a well of invaluable knowledge and support in this area. Ms. Mo is popular among students for her disciplined but approachable personality. She has participated in many Chinese teacher training courses held in both the UK and China such as the GCSE Chinese Reform workshop organised by Edexcel.

Ms Ye Xiaoyan

Ms Ye Xiaoyan is head of classes for non-native speakers. A graduate from the Department of Education, South China Normal University, she worked there as assistant lecturer for four years. She holds a Postgraduate diploma in Child Development and Education from Institute of Education, University of London and NCFE Level 1 and Level 2 certificates for support teacher in schools. Ms.Ye served as a teaching assistant in several British primary schools and Darrick Wood School (2010) where she held the position of examiner of Chinese speaking. Ms.Ye joined Real Chinese Academy in 2011 and went on to teach Chinese GCSE in 2014. Her students have all achieved excellent results. Ms.Ye is passionate about teaching, and takes initiative to explore new teaching methods to improve students’ interests and equip them with a good foundation. She attended several Mandarin teacher training workshops such as the GCSE Chinese Reform workshop organised by Edexcel.

Ms Wang Xinyun

Director of Finance of Real Chinese Academy, certified account. Her job is focused on accounting, financing, taxation, and internal control during the process of private equity financing and M&A for private enterprises of all sizes in a variety of sectors. She served was the Director of Finance for Clark Group and the European headquarters of a public listed company, and is experienced in financial reporting and management consulting, including enterprise registration, capital increase, capital reduction, equity transfer, equity change, corporate liquidation, asset replacement, and debt restructuring.

Ms Sue Xue Zhang

Ms Sue Xue Zhang holds a bachelor degree from Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China and a master degree in law from Yokohama National University, Japan. She is a seasoned Mandarin teacher, and has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for more than 25 years. For quite a number of years, Ms.Zhang served as our Deputy Headteacher, taking charge of the management and operation of Real Chinese Academy. She has experiences in teaching classes of different age groups and language backgrounds, from pre-school level to GCSE. Ms.Zhang has a strong work ethic and teamwork spirit. Her classes are rich in information with interactive activities. She perfectly combines traditional and modern pedagogies to tap the pupils’ interests and potential, which is highly regarded by both pupils and parents. She also teaches GCSE Mandarin for all classes from Year 8 to Year 11 in a well-known girls’ grammar school - Newstead Wood School.

Mr Sheng Qi

Mr Sheng Qi, a Chinese performance artist and painter. He graduated with a BA from Beijing Central Academy of Art and Design (now Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University) in 1988 and a MPA from Central Saint Martins London. He previously held a position in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Raffles International College and had cultivated many design talents who later got admitted to Central Saint Martins and became industry leaders. After moving to England, he worked in Teikyo School UK in London and joined Real Chinese Academy in 2015. Mr.Sheng Qi is well established in art, experienced in teaching, liberal in educational philosophy and approachable in style, which has enabled his students to make good progress in no time. His works have been collected by the following museums:
The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, the United States
International Center of Photography Museum, New York City, the United States
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, the United States
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, the United States
The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, the University of Chicago, the United States

Ms Ji Xiaoyan

Ms Ji Xiaoyan graduated from Beijing International Studies University with a BA in English Literature and obtained a masters degree in education at York University. She has worked in English-Chinese translation and interpretation for a number of years before joining Real Chinese Academy to teach Mandarin classes for non-native speakers. She has also taught Chinese in Bickley Park School and Farrington School in secondment from Real Chinese. She is popular among her pupils and effectively combines Chinese traditional culture with language teaching and achieves remarkable teaching results.

Ms Yu Lei

Ms Yu Lei, teacher of classes for native speakers. She was an accountant before becoming a Mandarin teacher in Real Chinese Academy in 2013. She takes pains to combine language learning with traditional Chinese culture so that her students have a broader and deeper knowledge of the Chinese language. She takes an active part in teacher training to improve professional skills. She is passionate about Chinese language teaching and believes in the importance of “teaching a man to fish” instead of giving fish.

Ms Wang Jing

Ms Wang Jing,An Oxford graduate fluent in Mandarin, Japanese and English, Ms Wang had a unique experience: she went to primary school in Japan, secondary school in China and university in the UK. After graduating with a BA degree in Economics and Management from Oxford in 2006, she worked at two of the "Big Four" accountancy firms Deloitte and KPMG as a Chartered Tax Advisor. She then pursued her passion in education by working as an educational consultant and teacher. Ms Wang shares her insight with the public through her book My Way to Oxford, and her website www.trilingualmind.com.

Ms Yuan Pei

Ms Yuan Pei holds an MBA from University of Kent and a master in translation from University of Westminster, London. Enthusiastic about education, she has been doing voluntary work in Bickley Park School for years. At Real Chinese Academy, she is teaching classes for non-native speakers and has developed a unique teaching style based on the characteristics of her students. She has also attended many teacher training activities to improve her teaching skills.

Ms Huang Ying

Ms Huang Ying,graduated from the Department of Management Engineering of South China University of Science and Technology in China. She came to the UK in 1990. Ms Huang worked as a volunteer at the Sutton Valence Prep School, Maidstone, and also as an external translator/interpreter and Chinese student administrator at the Canterbury Steiner School. In 2017, she obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She has also taught Chinese at Farringtons School in secondment from Real Chinese. With her strong expertise and passion for teaching, courses designed by Ms Huang has proved popular with students.

Ms Gu Wei

Ms Gu Wei, graduated from Beijing Sport University and Communication University of China. She used to be an editor in a provincial TV station in China. Mrs Gu is currently teaching the Chinese class for non-native speakers. As a mother, she has been studying the UK early years education for many years, and explored how the course designs and teaching methods could be applied to Chinese language teaching. She is an experienced and passionate teacher with a strong sense of responsibility. With extensive use of multimedia technology, her lessons are filled with both knowledge and fun.

Ms Zong Yi
Ms Zong Yi hold a bachelor degree from LSE and a masters degree in Financial Economics from University of Oxford. She also studied both within the English and Chinese schooling systems,gaining unique experience with each of the two languages,education systems and cultures; maintaining a strong interest in both. Naturally leading her to enter the fields of education and culture.

As a mother of a bilingual family, Ms Zong Yi has first hand experience with the difficulties overseas children faced when learning Chinese. Based on this understanding, her teaching emphasises on developing the children's interest in Chinese, their familiarity with the language and their understanding of Chinese culture; the aim being to lay a strong foundation for the children to embrace self learning and spark self motivation to learn more of the Chinese language as they develop.

Ms Ting Yang
Mrs. Yang gained her Bachelor Degree in China Academy of Art, with a major within Visual Communication Design. Later in 2015, she earned Master Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, subject in Creative Culture Entrepreneurship. She has affluent working experience in Media, Fine Art, and Information Technology. Mrs. Yang has always been fond of art since she was little. Many years of experience in graphic, fine art, design made her unique in multiple fields. Besides, She conducted some deep researches in Creative Mind Enlightening for children and youths. Specifically, she is excellent in leveraging core art philosophy to cultivate student's mindset of CCIC (Creativity, Concentration, Imagination, and Competitiveness). Throughout classes, Mrs. Yang focuses on developing the student's innate artistic capabilities. She often uses Divergent Thinking and Creative Imagination as the two main approaches to drive children's interests. The vivid contents are carefully designed for kids in their early ages. She produces one of the most popular curricula in school which receives many testimonials from parents. She has committed to developing children's confidence in their knowledge and understanding of processes Contemporary and International Art.

Ms Huang Fei

A very confident full time working mother of three children. MA from Southampton University, fluent in three languages with many years studying and living experience in different countries. Had taught Chinese at the Italian Foreign language School in Italy;Very big fan of nature and loves being involved with children; advocates in relaxed and diversified teaching methods with focus on cultivating children's learning interests; convinced that each child has its own unique growth rate and learning ability; protecting children's natural concentration, imagination, kindness and ability to love is far more important than scores. Extremely proud of Chinese culture and heritage.

Ms Wang Qingbo

Ms Wang Qingbo is the teacher of Preschool Class at Real Chinese Academy. She is very passionate about children language development and is enjoying her new role at Real Chinese Academy. After going to Hangzhou Normal University, Berlin Weissensee School of Art and The Braunschweig University of Art, she taught art in primary schools and secondary schools, worked as artist assistant before turning to a passionate preschool teacher. She is specialising in Early years. She has been teaching for 10 years and amongst other roles taught for many years for 3-10 years old children. She has two secondary aged children which keeps her very busy! When she has any spare time, she enjoys listening 80s-90s British pop music bands, films, football and visiting all over the world.

Miss Bu Hong

Hong Received her bachelor degree in electronics engineering from Qinghua University,china, and her PhD degree in digital image processing from the University of Manchester. She has since build a career in financial software development at a global investment bank, where she acquired years of experience in designing and building softwares. A true believer in programming being the key literacy of the new century, Hong is passionate about bringing children to the world of programming from an early age and promoting computational thinking amongst young children.

Ms Suzy

Ms Suzy, teacher of public speaking class. She graduated from the Department of Performing arts, City, University of London and was awarded a certificate of teaching public speaking and drama in schools by LAMDA. Her class was interactive and interesting. Pupils have made great progress through practicing public speaking skills in her class. Ms.Suzy has been giving performance on the stage of West End Musicals for more than a decade, playing an important role in many dramas.

Ms Helen Hobson

Helen is an experienced actress and professional vocal and performance coach. Having graduated from Mountview Academy of Performing Arts with a Diploma, she has a LRAM Teaching Diploma in Speech & Drama from Middlesex University and is an Associate of LAMDA. As a tutor, Helen brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to her innovative teaching sessions. Students find her methods and techniques inspiring. Many of her students make significant breakthroughs, resulting in an increase in vocal strength and range, leading to greater confidence in performance and the discovery of their true voice. Helen regularly teaches at many leading Drama schools, including Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London School Of Musical Theatre, Performers College and London Studio Centre. Helen has been teaching at our school for many years. She made significant teaching results. All students like her. Helen made her West End debut in CHESS, the start of a long association with West End Musicals as a Leading Lady. Her credits include, Donna in MAMMA MIA!, Mrs Johnstone in BLOOD BROTHERS, Clara in Stephen Sondheim’s award winning PASSION, Cathy opposite Sir Cliff Richard’s HEATHCLIFF, Eliza in MY FAIR LADY and Rose Vibert in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ASPECTS OF LOVE. She’s also played leading roles in, CATS, TOMMY, LES MISERABLES, MR CINDERS, EDUCATING RITA and STEPPING OUT.