Art & Design

The teaching of Art & Design starts from the simple to the complex in accordance to age. Course content:
Style: from simple geometry to complex figures.
Colour: from the basic principle of chromatic circle to different forms of colour.
Space: from the two-dimension hexagon to polyhedrons in a multi-dimension platform.
Design: from simple graphic design to the rudimentary design idea.
Creativity: from the simple to the complex and back to simplicity.

Exercises will be done in a variety of art form: still object, figure, scenery, animal, geometry, perspective, architecture, design, costume, interior design, product design, jewellery design, illustration, animation, comic strip, cartoon character, collage art.

In the meantime, pupils will learn about the history of art and cultivate their taste when they appreciate masters’ works in different periods of art history.

Art & Design Junior Class A 

(12pm – 1pm, Saturday)

Age:6-11 years-old
Instructor: Sheng Qi

Art & Design Senior Class

(1:30pm – 3pm, Saturday)

Age:over 13 years-old
Instructor: Sheng Qi

Art & Design Junior Class B

(3pm – 4pm, Saturday)

Age:8-12 years-old
Instructor: Sheng Qi

Art Creative Class

(12pm – 1pm, Saturday)

Age:4-6 years-old
Instructor: Wang Qingbo

Public Speaking Class

In our Public Speaking classes we help the students develop a strong speaking voice with the emphasis on expression, diction and performance. Each class begins with a physical and vocal warm up, followed by exercises and games to improve breath control, posture, diction, sight reading, improvisation and confidence. The students learn and perform various selections of poetry and prose to put all of these elements into practice. Once a year they are encouraged to take a Speaking Verse and Prose and Speaking in public exam at London Academy Music and Dramatic Arts. Grades obtained in LAMDA Level 3 certificate exams will gain UCAS points.

Public Speaking Junior Class A

(12pm – 1pm, Saturday)

Age:6-11 years-old

Public Speaking Senior Class 

(2pm – 3pm, Saturday)

Age:12-15 years-old

Public Speaking Junior Class B

(3pm – 4pm, Saturday)

Age:6-10 years-old

Intensive Mathematics Class

Rooted in the British curriculum, our Intensive Mathematics Class is focused on cultivating students’ mathematical and logical abilities, such as divergent thinking, reverse thinking, spatial thinking, logical thinking, etc. The class aims at expanding students’ analytical and problem-solving skills as well as stimulating their interest in Mathematics. We provide a solid mathematical foundation and we prepare students (7+, 11+) to achieve the best results in exams.

Intensive Mathematics Class 1

(12pm – 12:50pm, Saturday)

Age:5-6 years-old
Teacher:Ms Fei Huang

Intensive Mathematics Class 2

(12pm – 12:50pm, Saturday)

Age:6-7 years-old
Teacher:Ms Ziyang Liu

Intensive Mathematics Class 3

(12pm – 12:50pm, Saturday)

Age:7-8 years-old
Teacher:Ms Yanan Bi

11+ Intensive Mathematics Practice Class

(12pm – 12:50pm, Saturday)

Age:Year 4+
Teacher:Ms Xiaoyan Ye