Our School

Founded in 2006, Real Chinese Academy has been working towards all-around “student development, teacher development and school development”, upholding the principle of “quality-first”, and implementing the philosophy of integrating cultural awareness into language learning.

In the past decade or so, we have enabled many students to acquire a broad knowledge of Chinese culture, and practical skills of using the Chinese language. At the same time, our team of dedicated teachers have raised their professionalism to a new level. Real Chinese Academy is going from strength to strength.

To ensure high-quality teaching results, we group students based on their age, level of Chinese language and family background (native/non-native Chinese speaker). All teachers utilise multimedia method and self-designed entertaining materials to facilitate teaching and enhance students’ achievements. Wechat and WhatsApp chat groups for parents are created to strengthen parent-teacher communications.

At the same time, we hold regular parents meetings to discuss students’ progress at school while listening to parents’ feedbacks. For parents’ convenience, relevant information will be posted on our official website. Homework and assignments will be published on our website to make it easier for parents to supervise their children.

Besides Chinese language teaching, we are honoured to have a world-class renowned artist, Mr. Sheng Qi, to lead our Visual arts course. In addition, English actress Helen Hobson teaches our Public Speaking course, and dozens of students have achieved excellent results in LAMDA exams which lay the foundation for all-round development of students.

Headmistress Ms. Zoe Xu, originally from Beijing, is a mother of two. She is well versed in the comparative research of Chinese and British education as well as family education. In the last two decades, she has written books related to education such as Please Don’t Do This to Your Children, Chinese Orphans and Their Foreign Parents, Alternative Route to Development, Ten Skills That Affect Your Child’s Fortune. All the titles are published in mainland China.

Real Chinese is growing! From only six pupils at the very beginning for Mandarin only, we’ve grown to be two hundred strong. Every year some of our students take GCSE Chinese and each of them achieved A* grade. Real Chinese have developed from simple teaching to a broader field of education. The school has found a successful way of managing the Chinese language education as the core while valuing all-around education. The road ahead will be long and rugged, yet we shall search high and low, for the benefit of the community and the promotion of the Chinese language and culture.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

  • Be punctual and arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of a class
  • Prepare for classes assigned and mark all student work
  • Arrange class syllabus according to Real Chinese Academy’s schedules and contribute ideas regularly
  • Upload homework to the school website or class wechat group the day after each class
  • Tidy up the classroom after class
  • If anything unusual is detected, contact Real Chinese Academy and the pupils’ parents immediately
  • Ensure health and safety for pupils, and hand over the pupils to their parents after class
  • Inform Real Chinese Academy’s management team when a pupil has been absent for three consecutive lessons
  • Attend internal and external training activities to improve professional skills.

Code of Conduct for Teaching Assistant

  • Arrive 10 minutes before class and help the teacher to get ready for the lesson
  • Provide support for classroom activities and other works assigned by the teacher, and help maintain classroom discipline
  • Should any problems arise, please inform the parents via the class teacher
  • Support the teaching activities rather than revising any teaching plans without informing the class teacher
  • Take charge of student enrolment work, making sure that the enrolment forms are completed by the parents and returned to deputy Head Teacher
  • Ensure pupils’ safety and, together with the teacher, hand over the pupils to their parents after class
  • Help to keep the classroom clean and tidy
  • When the pupils go to toilet, check if the tap is turned off and make sure the toilet is clean, and inform Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher of any blockage

Code of Conduct for the Student

  • Pupils are expected to attend every class on time and should not be absent without informing the school
  • Bring to class textbooks, homework and necessary stationery
  • Finish homework independently on time
  • Show respect to teachers and other pupils
  • Should any problems arise, report to the teachers
  • During the break, pupils are asked to relax in the classroom or the hallway, or in other areas permitted by the teacher
  • Bring water and some snacks
  • Do not touch or use stuff stored in the classroom
  • Keep the classroom clean and tidy. Do not litter.

Notice to Parents

  1. General
  • Please send the pupil to school on time and inform the teacher in case that the pupil cannot attend the class.
  • Ensure students attend language classes with their textbooks, pencils and erasers.
  • The course content and assignments will be uploaded to our website or class wechat group the day after each class. Please check “Homework” on the left of the website realchineseacademy.co.uk.
  • Parents should check that the pupil complete and submit homework on time.
  • Real Chinese Academy may occasionally take photograph of the pupils for marketing purposes, to be used on the website, social media and/or other activities. Please inform the school if you do not wish to include your child.
  • There’s a ten minutes’ break between language classes. Please ensure your child has water and snacks.
  • Please note that for the safety of our children, our school is not allowed to bring any food containing nuts to the school. Please inform the teacher if the pupil has any allergies or other medical history that the school should be aware of.
  1. Tuition fee and school facilities
  • Please pay off tuition fees for the full term within the first two weeks.
  • If the classes are cancelled due to Bromley High School or other unexpected circumstances, the tuition fee paid to Real Chinese Academy will be refunded upon next payment at the beginning of a term.
  • Tuition fee will not be refunded if a student asks for leave, skips a class without good reason, or quits due to personal reasons.
  • Please write your child’s name on the back of the cheque. Or prepare an envelope with your child’s name if you pay by cash.
  • Please explain to your child the importance of looking after school facilities. Parents would bear responsibility for damaged items.