Our school won the Top Ten Outstanding Chinese School in the UK trophies

On June 24, 2018, our school participated in the 16th UK Mandarin Reading Competition 2018 (London Section), which organized by the London Chinese Education Promotion Association. Our school won the Outstanding School Award. Our students performed well and achieved excellent results. Among them, Masha Serikova won the first prize in the foreign language individual group and Marslino Saweers won the third prize。Marianna, Matias Caceres & Lewis Adomako-Mensah won the third prize in the foreign language group competition. The six boys team, who are Li Luyi, Pan Enle, Du Haoming, Liu Yixuan, Li Ningheng, and Kong Dehong, won the second prize in the Native-Mandarin group competition. Two girls team, who are Xia Zhiyun and Wen Jianying, won the second prize of the Cantonese-Chinese group competition. Wang Yuyan won the second prize for the Native-Mandarin individual group and Zhang Yiyi won the third prize.